AITT eSports.
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in eSports and industry.

Western Australia's First eSports College.

What We Do

AITT eSports was established out of a clear need to provide skills and pathways for those interested in participating in one of the fastest growing industries in the world today - the eSports industry.


AITT eSports offers the most exciting pathways for students.

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About Us

AITT (Australian Institute of Technology Transfer) has been proudly Australian owned and operated for over seventeen years. We are a competency based training organisation driven entirely by the needs of our clients, and the needs of industry.

We have helped government organisations, private and public enterprises, institutions, professionals, and jobseekers attain pathways to success.We have awarded thousands of qualifications from over 500 different organisations, and in more than 14 countries.

“If I spend all my time gaming and don’t make it as a professional, I am not sure what I will do after that.”

Many young people all over the world today face unique challenges when they contemplate beginning a career in eSports. Some of the challenges we hear include:

  • “People do not take me seriously when I say I want to play games for a living”
  • “I want to be involved in the events, I don’t care what role I play”
  • “I want to be a legitimate streamer, but I have no/little self- confidence, I don’t think I am good enough to do it”

Our mission is to build pathways for all individuals interested in an eSports related career.
We will achieve this by:

Meet The Team

Hanif Kuthubutheen


Hanif's career spans from consulting in mining, oil & gas to business & strategy. He spends A LOT of his income on gaming gear, which sadly doesn't improve his K/D ratio.

Arian Miani


Arian is a gaming enthusiast from Stockholm, Sweden with a Bachelors of Commerce. He has a passion for competitive gaming & CS:GO.

Liam Lynch


Liam is a designer who has spent more time gaming than designing. He went pro in 2001 by winning his school's Pokémon tournament and never looked back.

Chris Balch


Chris doesn't really play games. He's too busy being a part-time coder and a full-time punk.

Gaye Eley


Gaye's passion lies in coaching and mentoring, and acquiring positive results through hard work and commitment through the right attitude.

Asanka Dharmasundera

The Money#Gladiator

Asanka is responsible for managing the day to day finances of AITT eSports. Basically he is really important because he ensures we all get paid on time.